Power transmission chain and chain sprockets are used to transmit mechanical power from one rotating shaft to another. A chain drive consists of at least two sprockets and a roller chain that interlocks with the sprocket teeth. Chain sprockets with more teeth carry heavier loads but they produce more friction, which reduces operating speeds. Roller chain is lubricated to reduce friction and wear. Accessories like chain wear gauges measure the amount of space between chain links to determine if a chain is too worn. Worn chains can jump out of sprockets and must be replaced.

  • Chain Sprockets

    Chain Sprockets (1)

    Roller chain sprockets are toothed gears used with roller chain to transmit mechanical power.  As the sprocket rotates, the teeth of the sprocket interlock with the individual chain components and pull the chain.  Power is transferred from the driver end to the driven end of a system. Roller chain sprocket types include bushing bore, finished bore, machinable bore, and idler.
  • Roller Chain and Links

    Roller Chain and Links (1495)

    Roller chain and links are used to transmit mechanical power with sprockets as the drivers. Chains consist of short, cylindrical rollers bound together by links, which are held in place by pins. A chain's pitch is the distance from one link to the next, measured from the pin's center-line.