Water Treatment Plant Horizonal Paddle Wheel Flocculator Tank Refurbishment

Reverse Engineering Parts for Flocculator Tank Upgrade

The Roger Brown Co is fortunate to have El Paso Water as a customer and to allow us to work on their flocculator tank refurbishment. They operate big, complex machines to complete critical tasks. This drive unit spins one of their many flocculators at their Canal Street (Robertson and Umbenhauer) Water Treatment Plants . The plant treats Rio Grande water to drinking water standards during the irrigation season (March-September) for distribution to customers. The paddle wheels transfer energy to water and cause particles to agglomerate into large, fast-settling floc.

Our small Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (SDVOSB) was able to measure and reverse engineer the parts with the support of our US based manufacturers and the staff at the plant. The bearings, shafts and other components will work underwater for over 15 years with the improvements the team made to the existing design and materials. We look forward to getting the new components installed.

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