Onsite Conveyor Design Recommendations

Technical Engineering Assistance to Optimize Efficiency of Conveying System

We enjoyed supporting the overhaul of a local manufacturer’s assembly line this weekend. We gave our customer real solutions to decrease downtime and increase profitability and are willing to help implement.

Often machinery is not used as was designed as they update their work processes to increase their output.  The maintenance team is often balancing the increased demands with downtime events that eliminate those gains.  The Roger Brown Co. can help redesign your conveying system to reduce the friction between maintenance and operations.

Roger Brown, Jr. is still solving the tough problems for our customers after running the company since 1968. The Roger Brown Co. is following the example set by Roger Brown, Sr. ever since 1946 – Uncompromising quality and service. Can you say the same?

Pecan Farm Conveyor Design

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