MasterDrive 3B50SD Sheave


MasterDrive 3B50SD, Bushing Bore V-Belt Pulley, , ,
This MasterDrive conventional QD sheave with an A/B belt section is made of gray cast iron and comes with three grooves. It is a classical V-belt sheave that fits a variety of widely available, classical profile V-belts suitable for use in many existing power transmission drives. This pulley is made of gray cast iron for resistance to wear, corrosion, and galling. It has an A/B cross section and three grooves for use with multiple or banded belts. V-belt pulleys (sheaves) are used in a wide range of mechanical and electronic drives, including HVAC units, farm machinery, food processing equipment, and aggregate. V-belt pulleys (sheaves) are the component in a power transmission drive that transmits power to the belt. Typically made of cast iron, the pulleys and the V-belts that loop around them match in form wide, narrow, single or multi-grooved. V-belt pulleys are found in drive designs in the agriculture, textile, printing, mining, and HVAC industries.

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3B50SD, Bushing Bore V-Belt Pulley, , ,

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Weight 7.2 lbs
Dimensions 5.35 × 5.35 in